This section describes methods for creating invoices and obtaining information about invoices.

The functionality of the accounts allows you to accept payment in the specified equivalent, and the coin and network are chosen by the payer

For example, you can create an invoice for payment of 100 USD, the payer will be asked to select coin and network in which it will be more convenient for him to pay, for example, in USDT, TRX, BNB and others. The amount due will be recalculated automatically at the exchange rate.

When paying, you can also additionally indicate the percentage to be paid (field insurancePercent), in this case, the payer will be shown the amount to be paid as 100 USD, but the payment amount, for example, in USDT will be equal <AMOUNT TO PAY> * <USDT/USD RATE> + <insurancePercent> Example: you created an invoice for payment of 75 USD and specified insurancePercent equal to 5. When choosing a payment coin, for example, USDT (we will assume that the USDT/USD rate is 1=1), the payer will be asked to pay 78.75 USDT (5% of 75 = 3.75)

You can also specify that the payer pays the network commission by specifying the includeFee: true parameter. In this case, the commission chosen by the payer will be added to the final payment amount.

It is possible to specify the percentage of price slippage (field slippagePercent). If it is indicated, then if the payer, when paying, sends an amount more or less than the payment amount by the specified percentage, then the account will be considered closed. Example: the payer needs to pay 100 USDT, you specified a slippage percentage of 0.5%. In this case, if the payer sends the amount of 99.99 USDT (from 99.5 to 100.5), the invoice will be considered completed

Possible statuses



The user proceeded to payment


Error during creation or processing




Waiting for the full amount or waiting for transaction confirmations in the blockchain


Invoice expired


Partial payment


The invoice was paid in excess of the stated amount


Invoice rejected, contact support for clarification

When the status changes or a new transaction arrives, you will be sent a webhook to the URL specified when creating the order.

More information about webhooks can be found in the Webhooks section

Invoice lifetime

The specified lifespan of the account extends to the period from creation of the account to selection by the payer of coins and network for payment

After selecting a coin and network, the payer will create an order with the maximum lifetime available for the selected network.

More details can be found in the orders section.

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