Crosschain bridge

A crosschain bridge is an asset exchange between networks. For example, you have USDT on the Ethereum network, and you want them to be on the Tron network.

To conduct an asset exchange between networks, you need to make sure that this service is available in the networks you have chosen. To do this, request list of available coins, find the coin you need, it will have a list of networks networks, make sure that the flag allowCrosschainBridge for the networks you need is set to true

Find out the allowable limit for the transaction amount. Please note that the limit amounts are indicated in USD, the rates of such stablecoins as USDT, BUSD etc do not differ significantly from the rate of USD, and if you want to exchange another coin, then you will need to get the exchange rate to USD to make sure that your amount meets the specified limits.

Request fee preview to get a token, it will need to be specified when requesting transaction creation as feeToken.

The operation is not executed immediately after the request, you must wait 1-3 minutes. You can find out the operation execution status yourself, or you can specify the URL to receive the webhook in the webhookUrl field when creating.

Available statuses




Request registered


Being processed


Error during execution


Request denied



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