Recurring payments

Here is general flow of using "Recurrent" methods and connecting your subscribers to the service.

  1. Firsly, you should create a merchant in "Recurrent" section on a website

  2. There will be identificator of merchant on "Recurrents" page. This ID should be provided in all API methods in the field merchantId

  3. Next you can call method for creating url for binding subscriber's address to the service. (create-subscriber-billing-link)

  4. You should send to your user a link obtained from previous response

  5. After connecting web3 wallet, user binds his address with particular network and token to the service

  6. After successful creation of billing link, you will receive a webhook with billing link's data on your webhookUrl provided in 3rd step

From now on, you can use billing link by two following options:

  • Create a subscription - payment with fixed sum once in a period

  • Call a method for one-time payment - forced payment with specified sum from user's address

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